What a great day! (for so many reasons)

Valentine's Day Cards - Everywhere!

Valentine’s Day Cards – Everywhere!

Maddie_vday_DSC_6353 My Valentine’s Day Sweetie!

E_DSC_6331 Valentine’s Treat for me!

Sorry this post is a little belated…life got in the way!

I love those days when I wake up amped and ready to take on the world! Admittedly, they are very few and far between these days, but nonetheless, I do experience them every now and again.
So I usually start by making coffee – it’s decaf these days since Maddie and I are still attached to one another (still breast feeding if you didn’t get my hidden innuendo). Then it’s on to the computer, although I did get a bit side-railed today b/c of a special V-day breakfast request from the hubby and cleaning up the destruction that happened upon our kitchen since it had been neglected for a whole 24 hours – yikes. I swear, somehow it always looks like I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire football team – twice- how does this happen? Anyhow, on to more interesting stuff.
I always like to play Pandora to get my creativity flowing – sometimes I get side-tracked when a new band comes down the pipe (pike) and that’s what brought us to one of my favorite parts of the day. “Minor Alps” is their name. Juliana Hatfield & Matthew Caws (of Nada Surf) make up the band. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Are you for real? Two of my favorites have collaborated to bring forth a hauntingly beautiful album, it’s called “Get There“. Oh what a day…See? It really is the little things that make me happy.
Another thing that puts a pep in my step & a smile on my face is crafting – yup – crafting, I’m a huge dork and “I don’t care who knows it!” So, I finally got all of my Valentine’s Cards completed and I have to said I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. They better be cute considering all of the scissor wrestling, glue wrangling, and sticker snatching that ensued as I sat on the living room floor with Madeline breathing down my neck. Oh how I cannot wait until the day she can successfully use a pair of scissors……It will come, I just know it. This girl has crafting in her blood.
So on another creative note, I am currently engrossed in a slew of Graphic Design projects. Very exciting – especially because they are mostly comprised of little girls’ birthday parties. Oh what fun!
Here is a list of what I’m working on:
Business set for Instrumentation Company
Charlotte’s Web theme – Invitation, Party Planning, Etc
Garden/Music theme – Invitation, Helping w/Party Planning
English Garden/Ladybird theme – Invitation
Fiesta Baby Shower theme – Invitation, Party Planning, Etc

I will keep you all updated on the progress/outcome.
Look forward to sharing with you!
Make it an awesome day!