Fun-filled days

So I am really starting to miss my hubby (he is out of town for work).
Here’s a few reasons why:
I didn’t realize how much I (physically) depend on him (read below*).
It’s nice to cook for more than one (and a half people).
I have made a habit out of taking an insignificant thing and turning it into and episode of CSI.
Also, nights are a little difficult as I lay in bed and the pain starts to creep into my back*. It’s just another reminder that he isn’t there lying next to me.

Days have been great though, I fill them up with plenty of things to keep us busy. The only thing that makes me a little sad is the fact that he isn’t here to enjoy our adventures together. I know, I should stop my whining, it’s not like he’s been gone for very long. It will be a week tomorrow and he should be back by the weekend. It makes me so sad for the military wives/husbands out there, bless there souls – I don’t know how they do it.

Well this weekend was no exception to our fun-filled schedule, after I figured out that she wasn’t really sick (I swore she had caught her cousin Charlotte’s illnesses). Saturday we went to story time at Barnes & Noble. Highly recommend! She loved it! She also got a new book, “Little Blue Truck Leads the Way”. Then it was off to Aunt Michelle’s house where she played with her cousins and Grandma and had a blast. After that we made a stop at my in-laws for a small birthday celebration. It was Grandma and Uncle Bob’s Birthday but somehow we walked away with new toys, new clothes, and half of the red velvet ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery! (hey, I’m not complaining!)
Sunday was much more laid back. We hung out at the house, watched movies, read our new books and just took it easy. Oh and we found a new favorite spot – the laundry basket! Dinner was easy, just leftover spaghetti and meatballs, salad and homemade sweet potato & chicken for Maddie. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend.






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