Craft day Tuesday – animal topper jars

So my great friend Carrie comes over on Tuesdays, occasional, and we usually have a great time, either baking, crafting or just chatting. We are HUGE fans of Pinterest (okay, addicted really) and we have seen DIY’s for these cute spray painted animals. Well we finally got around to making this craft and it was so simple! Luckily she provided the spray paints and the animals. I took it one step further and made these cute storage jars by gluing them on top. I had picked up a bunch of random animals and dinosaurs at the dollar store but they proved to be too large for the jars that I have been hanging on to for quite sometime (I think they were happy to finally have a purpose!). Not to worry about the extras, I have plans for them for Maddie’s birthday party – yes it involves gold spray paint, if you were wondering.

For this craft, here is the list of things you will need:
Empty jars
Plastic animals (she got the ones we used at a craft store)
Spray paint
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Carrie also has great plans for her fish friend – he is getting a super-glossy paint job that she was going to finish at home. I’ll have her send me a picture when it’s complete and share it in another blog post.

I can’t wait to fill my jars up. I’m thinking craft supplies but they would also be great at a party filled with candy, you can use them in the kitchen for cupcake liners and decorations or even in the bathroom for cotton balls, Q-tips, and what-not!

This is how Maddie helped

This is how Maddie helped


awesome friend Carrie

awesome friend Carrie

fish buddy gets a makeover

fish buddy gets a makeover

hipster jungle friends

hipster jungle friends

Waiting to be filled...

Waiting to be filled…


One thought on “Craft day Tuesday – animal topper jars

  1. I think I have this pinned too 🙂 They are pretty cute! I need to get around to making some for various craft item storage.

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