Paper Doll Garland – super easy craft!

Yesterday, as I was looking through the (mostly junk) mail, I stumbled upon this small JCPenney catalog. And, although I am not a huge fan of theirs (for emotional reasons), I did find the aesthetic of this advertisement very pleasing – not to mention the outfits and the children were adorable and oh so fashionable. I was going to cut out just one of the models to hang on to for future reference when I am looking for a cute outfit idea for Maddie. But then I just kept cutting and pretty soon I had five little people staring up at me! What to do, what to do? I’ve got it-paper dolls! Hmmm, this poses a small problem, you see I am too old to play with them and if I give them to Madeline, she will appreciate them for about three seconds before they succumb to their demise, a snack! This sweet baby of mine seems to have no discretion when putting objects in her mouth! So then I was looking around her nursery and was admiring some of her décor. That’s when it hit me, paper doll garland! Yes! Perfect! and the best part, I already have all the materials I need to complete the project.
All you need are the following items:
Paper dolls, animals, or some other item that has a nice silhouette
Bakers Twine
Clear Thumbtacks
Mini Clothespins







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