Beach Day!


My husband was out of town for work this week and I was very weary on being left to fend for ourselves. I knew we could do it but I wanted to make sure we (Maddie and I ~ and James) would enjoy it as well. We hadn’t been left alone since she was a wee little one, about a month after she was born my husband was out of town for a week also. We did it, we survived…this time I didn’t want it to be like that though. It was difficult for all of us. I decided that I would fill our week up with activities for everyday. This way we did something fun that would make us sleep soundly at night (usually the hardest time for the both of us), and have something to talk about with Daddy during our evening Skype sessions.
Monday was Beach Day. A new beach, beautiful weather and the discovery of sand made the day a momentous and memorable one. I love the beach and was delighted to see that the peanut holds the same admiration as her mommy.











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