New Logo

So it’s taken me quite a while to perfect my logo (and in actuality I still don’t feel like there’s anything “perfect” about it), well anyhow, here it is. I wanted to encompass both photography and graphic design but I didn’t want to stray from the name that I created oh so long ago. I heart paper designs (“and photography” was added just recently). It’s not just a name either, it means so much more to me. I really thought it out and tried to embody what best describes my passion and the core of what I do and the medium that I prefer to work with. What can I say? I LOVE PAPER! I make my invitations on paper, I print my pictures on paper, I paint on paper, I love books (real books where I can turn a real page), magazines, I can go on forever…
I really hope you like it!?!?


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