Things that make me say yay!

Even though the first day of summer is officially June 21st, I feel like it’s already begun! I have such great memories of summer. Camping, swimming in the pool just after a fresh rain, slumber parties at my best friend’s house, s’mores, and of course – family vacations! Reminiscing about past summers really got me missing the things that I used to do. I also started thinking about what summer means to me now. I guess the same things, that’s why I have been secretly planning an adult slumber party, for my girl friends and I. Glamping anyone? I love all things camping but what a great way to integrate the luxuries of being an adult (and a girl)! S’mores Martini’s, floral tents, candle lite, bunting and ghost stories on frilly pillows – sounds fun to me!
So I am still in the planning phase, we’ll see if I am able to make it actually come to fruition!


here some ideas I found on pinterest:


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