Things that make me say yay!

I love Sundays. It’s a great day to sleep in, lounge around, or check things of your “to-do” list. Also, it’s a great day to enjoy a breakfast that you usually don’t indulge in on any other day during the week. Pancakes, waffles, fruit salad, donuts! I was really in the mood for donuts from a somewhat local donut shop (Jupiter Donut Factory). Unfortunately, it is a bit further than my eight month old, and stomach, can stand. When I get up in the morning, I am ready to eat immediately! So in place, I picked up a few from the grocery store and they were quite delicious. They don’t compare to the gourmet donuts I was craving however. With flavors like red velvet and maple glaze, you can’t really compete. Oh well, next time I will plan ahead and pick the donuts up on a Saturday for enjoyment on a Sunday.


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